sabato 24 novembre 2012

The truth about world economic system!

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies they are. If the people
American never allow private banks to control the issue of money, first by inflation and then by
deflation, the banks and the companies that will be born around the banks will deprive the people of their property until their children
find themselves without even a house on the continent their fathers conquered. "
Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States)
"It's good that the people do not understand our economic and monetary system, for if it did I think it would break a
revolution before tomorrow morning. "
Henry Ford (entrepreneur, owner of the house motorist)
"The actual creation of money from nothing made by the banking system is identical to the creation of money by counterfeiters. The only
difference is that they are different people who profit from it. "
Maurice Allais (Nobel prize for economics)
"It is intolerable that a central bank, isolated, which has no liability or obligation to explain what he does, can
continue to unemployment while governments are silent. "
Franco Modigliani (Nobel Prize in economics)
"Who has the power to issue currency determines policies, deciding what is right or wrong, what needs to be encouraged and what
buried. Because money can corrupt and change interests and activities. "
Enrico Adinolfi (Association of Economic and Cultural Revolution)
Today you are given the opportunity to know. Know why you did not work or because you're afraid of
lose it;
to know why no one gives you more hope for a better future;
because political institutions do not bring benefit to you and to the society in which you live.
Understand the monetary system is important to not be fooled by politicians who hold
charges for interest only and are sold to the current economic system.
The coin from 1971 (when President Nixon abolished the convertibility of dollar-gold)
can be printed without a gold cover and, therefore, potentially in an unlimited way.
The State (Italy as well as other European country) has lost its power most important ISSUE
PUBLIC MONEY that is, print money, as he did in the past with the brand status, or
create bank money as did the banks.
So who makes money and who owns it today on the issue? BANKS,
commercial and central, which are no longer controlled by the state and are now totally organisms
PRIVATE, such as FIAT, Coca Cola, Microsoft, etc..
In essence, if our country needs € 100 billion, can not print them, but they
calls to individuals and banks. These create money (within the limits imposed by the ECB) and gave them
damage. Free? NO! They then charge the cost of printing? NO!
Demand in exchange for the equivalent in bonds (BOT, CCT, BTP, etc..) That they take 100
billion in securities to maturity Italy will have to pay INTEREST! And with real money that is
the work of all those noi.Ma the ECB that regulates everything is controlled by European governments democratically elected? NO, it is
governed by PRIVATE BANKERS from Europe and beyond. Private as are Agnelli, Moratti,
Tanzi, etc. ...... (For more visit below, you will find many of them on the internet, as well as documents
officers who report the percentage of the members.

Besides the huge profit that banks give money obtained in the states, may finance
unlimited corruption of political institutions, the press, media to guide their choices
and messages at their convenience. Can create financial crises (withdrawing money from the market)
foment and finance wars and stuff. The power that you possess these Bankers
practically unlimited.
These evil actions are intended to destabilize. And 'strategy of terror, one that takes
the strength, the will, which makes it fragile and unable to react, to fight. When a human being
must constantly confront problems related to survival, health, fails to
counter TYRANT who, thirsting for power, enslave and dominate at will.
The people have a weapon to defend himself, is AWARENESS. If you verificherai that
what you are communicating is true, you will emerge in force and action. And so it will be for everyone.
Now you have to decide whether to believe or ignore this information. To you depends on your future, what
of your children, the entire Humanity.
THE PERSON who gave you this simple piece of paper believes in you and puts you in the hope
for a new world.
These internet sites will be useful to study and understand the criminal projects that the powers that be have
paved for years with the tacit consent of those who have always voted, and delegate to protect our rights and
of our freedom. / user / DemocraziaMMT / videos / uscire_euro_argentina.htm #! find the word: SYSTEM CREATION OF DEBT # axzz25JdJiKxz
Spread these flyers, the important thing is to be active and not passive, those who already know should not
limited or believe that others have realized, many are confused and ask them to inform themselves of and
spread the truth, it is the future of young people and their children. Only through information
we can defend ourselves! ...... With all the information you will know it is not worthy of representing the
Italian people, and who for many years did not go to vote, will understand that continuing to not go
will be glad to those who are adopting policies for the banking powers and not for the people .... came
time to take back our rights as free citizens and have the right to live our lives each
dignity. We are not numbers, but people.

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